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Let us be your next stop for Designer eyeglasses and Designer sunglasses. FamilySunglasses.com is committed to providing unparallel service, selection and highly discounted prices on all of our prescription eyeglasses, designer sunglasses and, designer eyeglasses. Our customer service associates are available to address your eye care related questions and offer expertise on all our products. We feature a vast collection of eyewear with over 70,000 eyeglass frames. All our eyeglasses and sunglassess are manufactured originals and warranted. Let us be your next stop for designer eyeglasses and designer sunglasses. FamilySunglasses.com carries the latest Designer Eyeglasses, brand name eyeglasses, brand name designer sunglasses and the most advanced lenses on the market.

  • Wow! I'm impressed - I was really concerned about my prescription as all I had was a bad scan of it. My new glasses are grreat! Thanks again!Tracy L.- North York
  • Hello,
    Thank youuuuuu I got them today!
    Loved your work and concerns to satisfy your customers. I'm definitely giving you guys great reviews!!!Vanessa Game
  • I just wanted to express my appreciation for your services. I love the eyeglasses that I purchased from your company; they are the perfect/correct prescription, shipped perfectly and very fast. When I first was looking to buy, this company was the only one that had my designer eyeglasses at a reasonable price, so I called. I was impressed that the toll free number went directly to a person and not a random person, but the owner himself.
    David I. - Markham

All of our Designer Brand Eyeglasses, Sunglasses and Eyeglass Frames are 100% Authentic Guaranteed. We have a 30-day returns and exchanges policy in case you are not happy with your frames. Most frames will include authenticity papers and an eyeglass case. We stand behind our product by including a 1 year warranty on most Eyeglasses, Sunglasses, Eyeglass frames, and on all of our prescription lenses.

Our prescription lens staff is highly experienced in filling prescription Sunglasses to help suite all of your needs. Have us fill your prescription Sunglasses and you'll see how convenient, easy and affordable it is by choosing FamilySunglasses.com.

Family Eye Wear, Inc. is truly a family affair. We are a family owned and operated business. Our office includes an Optometrist, 2 Opticians and a lab technician. We own our own laboratories.

Designer Sunglass and Eyeglasses - Authentic Guaranteed

We carry all the major Eyeglasses and Sunglasses Brands. If you cant find it please call us at or email us at info@familysunglasses.com.